Dynamic and Forward-Thinking Branded Healthcare Partner in Asia

In the advance of healthcare, the collective focus has gradually shifted from treatment to prevention and early intervention to facilitate its sustainable development. Embedded with the passion for bringing new and better solutions to serve the unmet healthcare needs among consumers, JBM Healthcare is a dynamic, forward-thinking company engaged in branded healthcare products development, manufacture, sourcing, distribution and marketing.

JBM is competitively positioned to deliver quality, trusted, innovative and science-based products and solutions to promote personal health and wellness for consumers in Asia. With a strategic vision to becoming an eminent and respected regional player in the fast growing consumer healthcare sector, JBM leverages the industry and market expertise of its strong professional team together with a robust consumer-driven portfolio and a sound commercial platform with presence in strategically selected markets in Greater China and ASEAN countries.

Our distinctiveness lies in our integrated core competencies encompassing developing, sourcing or manufacturing branded healthcare products, managing and marketing brands, selling and distributing products to local and overseas markets, and implementing stringent quality management for quality and safety assurance.


Enabling Better Health Through Self-care

We aim to be a distinguished branded healthcare partner in Asia, aspiring to empower consumers to live healthier and fuller lives through a broad yet targeted range of healthcare products with recognition and science-based efficacy. We are passionate about and relentlessly committed to the mission of providing self-care products and solutions to allow consumers to better manage and enhance their personal well-being at every stage of life. By enabling better health through self-care, we believe in the importance of our role to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system. We take pride in offering a wide range of health, well-being and lifestyle benefits through our products to help support you and your family to stay well.

OUR Values

The Heart of Our Business

We believe good health is the basis of active lives, vibrant communities and forward progress. We are inspired to make a difference in people’s daily health. Our values continue to lead us on the principled path to being a company worthy of trust and respect.


Drawing on each other’s skills and working together, we put consumers’ health and well-being at the heart of our business, at the center of everything we do.


We believe that by working together with shared commitment, trust, understanding, support, mutual respect and open communication, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value for our customers.


We bring creativity and innovative thinking into problem solving. We are flexible and always willing to approach and overcome challenges with new and better solutions, with a strong desire for value creation.


Our passion and pursuit for excellence drives us to continually improve practices and performance and to challenge the status quo.


We exhibit fairness, trust and transparency in all our interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. We uphold our commitments and high ethical standards throughout our company ensuring that our promises, work and results are trusted for years to come.


As a corporate citizen, we are committed to the interests of society and is responsible for the contributions we make to our company, our customers and the communities in which we live and operate.


OUR Culture

Cultivating Passion and Success

JBM’s culture at work is driven by our passion in helping people achieve better health. Our business is dynamic, our teams are forward-thinking in discovering, developing and delivering new and better products and solutions to answer the unmet healthcare needs of the public. Innovation is an integral part of our work and strategy. We all bring with us diverse perspectives and experiences in a collaborative culture that foster creative and critical thinking, leading to innovative yet practical solutions to healthcare and business challenges. Our organizational structure is lean and flexible, driving quick and effective decision making to respond to ever evolving growth challenges and opportunities.

We pride ourselves on building a high-performance culture that achieves. In cultivating excellence, we continuously drive ourselves to raise the bar and provide sustainable values to our consumers and partners.